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I remember you but I don’t know your name. You were lousy!

happy birthday nishinoya yuu

The Warbling Sea Shell → anime & manga.

Seeing the violence
It’s feeding my mind
No one is saving you
How can you find
A heaven in this hell?

Hinata in Haikyuu!! ep02

"All i really wanted was to hear him play one more time. I wanted more and more people to be able to experience it. Now that i’ve remembered that, i’m satisfied. I don’t have any more regrets. Well, i am a little upset of how things turned out, but i can’t be mad at Hitomi, she’s almost too good for him! so she’ll make him happy, won’t she…?"

in volleyball, you can’t drop the ball, you can’t hold the ball, and the same player can’t touch the ball twice - how do you plan to play by yourself?